How to Wear Neon Hair After 30

How to Wear Neon Hair After 30

I have a friend with neon hair. She’s 34 years old — not 24, not 14 — and it looks amazing. Now, I’ll add that she lives in New York City, where pretty much anything goes. She also has a funky designer wardrobe and spends a lot of time in art galleries — so the neon hair works with her personality and lifestyle. It’s chic, sophisticated, and surprisingly subtle. And while I’m not suggesting every woman can pull it off, it’s a lot easier than you might think.

You’re probably wondering how I could possibly call neon hair subtle. When most of us think bright hair, Katy Perry’s blue or Nicki Minaj’s pink probably come to mind — not exactly discrete, right? Well, the secret to my friend’s color is that it isn’t a big, cascading mane of purple hair — instead, the bright shade is layered underneath her natural dark brown color. The violet section is only noticeable in the sun or when she puts her hair up into a bun or ponytail, and the overall effect is really pretty.



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